Breast Cancer:

Diagnostic and therapy planning, follow up care,  consultation, operation
Reconstruction in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Werner Haslik
Benign tumors of the breast


Due to many years of clinical and scientific work at the Breast Care Center of the Surgical Department of Vienna Medical University at the General Hospital in Vienna and  being an internationally approved specialist in Breast Surgery I have a great experience in the treatment of breast cancer. In times of individualisied cancer therapy the exact planning and conduction of tailored therapy is essential especially in a heterogenous disease like breast cancer. Basis for this is a perfect cooperation with Radioloy, Pathology, Medical Onkology, Radiaiton Therapy, Plastic Surgery, Psychology and die the implementation of new study data into clinical practice.

Consultation, therapy planning as well as accurate follow up care is of central value in my office.


General Surgery:

Gall stones (laparoskopic or open cholecystectomy)
 Inguinal or incisional hernias
 Port-a-Cath Implantation / Explantation